The Book drama

So Ive barely talked to Michael since he started this new shift and I have a little free time so I had an idea for another book which would be based off Michaels roommate and men like him.

I do not know him personally but his dating life intrigues me. Im not sure if he’s truly a “bad boy” or a really good playa. Well regardless I did not get the response I expected from Michael. He went off. Wow!

Sure his roommate is cute but I dont want to be with him. He has like 3 dozen women on rotation anyways. Lol

I guess after I facebooked his roomie, (his roomie fb’d friended me first btw)…
He called Michael and asked him some questions. Supposedly I “piqued” his interest. 😉 Of course I did. I have titties, a vajayjay and a heartbeat. Hehehe.

But on a serious note Michael is mad I even messaged his roomie so I nixed the idea. Damn. Its really hard to find a true bad boy to observe…99% of these guys are just playas.

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